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Terms & Conditions

​These Terms and Conditions detail the terms on which Fatclay Pottery provides services and allows you to become a member of the studio. The terms and conditions apply to all current members of the studio and anyone looking to apply for membership. 


Please read carefully over the Terms and Conditions so that you understand them. If you can not agree to the terms and conditions stated below then you will not be able to be or become a member at Fatclay Pottery. 




A person shall only become a Member of the studio when they have completed the application for Membership form on and this has been accepted by the Company. Once accepted the Member will be deemed to have agreed to and accepted the Terms and Conditions. 


A Member can not bring a guest to the Studio unless initially agreed with the management of the studio. The management will make the decision about further charges and the Member is responsible for the guest at all times in the studio and ensuring that Terms and Conditions are adhered to. 


Subject to any statutory right of cancellation, payment for Memberships and Classes are non-refundable and non-transferable unless otherwise agreed with the management. 


Members who purchase any of the Membership Subscription Packages shall be entitled to use the Open Access studio space for the weekly amount of time as stated in that Subscription. Weekly hours may not be carried over unless otherwise agreed with the management. 


In the event that a Member may wish to use the Open Access Studio for additional hours than stated in their Membership Subscriptions this will need to be agreed directly with the management and charged accordingly (charge will vary on amount of extra hours wanted).


Membership fees may be increased at the Company’s discretion. Members will be given at least 28 days notice of any increase in Membership Fees. 

Payment Terms 


Membership will continue indefinitely (roll over) unless and until a Member cancels his/her Membership. Membership can be canceled by the Member themselves on their Membership Page. If a Member cancels their Membership Subscription before the end of their Minimum Membership no refunds shall be given in respect of any Membership fees that have already been paid. 


Each Member agrees that by signing up to a Membership Subscription they have been given preferential rates by Fatclay Pottery and therefore it is fair and reasonable that the Member is liable for payments referred to above. 


Memberships, once the contract has started are non-transferable (unless agreed otherwise by management) and cannot be shared.


Studio Opening Times 


Fatclay Pottery reserves the right to alter the Studio opening times should they need to. 


Any unexpected closing times of the Studio the management will try their upmost to give as much advance notice as possible. 


Booking and Cancellations of Sessions and Classes 


Members are responsible for their own bookings and can only cancel/reschedule sessions by doing so on their membership page. 


Membership sessions and classes are booked on a first come first served basis. The management reserves the right to amend sessions and classes should anything unforeseen arise. As much notice as possible will be given in this instance. 


Health and Safety 


Members of the studio use the studio space at their own risk, with awareness of the hazards that come with a studio environment. These include but are not limited to sharp tools, exposure to toxic material, the dangers of using materials and equipment at high temperatures and knowing the risks that are associated with breathing in silica dust.


It is with upmost importance that each Member must comply with the health and safety procedures set by the Management of the studio. Failure to do so could result in Membership being terminated. 




All Members are required to clean their work station at the end of each session. Clay and glaze dusts are toxic and must not be left anywhere in the studio. Work areas should be left clean as found prior to the session. This includes the floor area around the work station, stool and wheels (Including the base of the wheel). 


Members are also required to clean all tools used as well as rinsing out any cloths, aprons etc used during the session. 


Repeated failure to comply with appropriate cleaning measures put in place by the Management may result in additional charges given to the Member to cover cleaning costs of £15. 




Only work created in the studio will be fired. Any work created outside will have to be requested and quoted depending on the number/size of items.

All members are required to supply/make their own coasters. Any work that gets stuck to the shelf will incur a charge or £15.


Termination of Membership


A member may cancel a Membership within 14 days of acceptance of his Membership by the Company on the condition that they have not used the studio space during this period. In order to cancel a Membership the Member must provide written notice of cancellation. 


The company reserves the right to terminate Membership from the Studio for a specific period or refuse to renew the Membership of any Member who breaches any of these Terms and Conditions (which can be amended from time to time); or where it is in the best interest of others using the Studio space.


Liability & General

Personal belongings are brought onto the Studio premises at the Member’s own risk and the Company does not accept liability for any loss or damage of any items.


The Company accepts no liability for any injury suffered by any Member on the Studio premises or outside the Studio except that of such loss, damage or injury which is by law incapable of exclusion.


Members must at all times observe the Studio guidelines (which may be updated from time to time). 

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