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Studio Rules

  1. Cleanliness is Key: Begin and end your session by cleaning your workspace thoroughly. Wipe down tables, tools, and equipment to maintain a tidy environment.

  2. Clay Handling: Use clay responsibly and avoid excessive waste. Dispose of excess clay in designated containers to prevent clogging sinks and drains.

  3. Tool Maintenance: Clean pottery tools and equipment after each use. Return tools to their designated places and report any damaged or missing tools to studio staff.

  4. Wheel and Work Area: Clean the pottery wheel and surrounding area after use. Remove any clay residue and dispose of trimmings properly.

  5. Kiln Protocol: Adhere to kiln loading and unloading guidelines provided by studio staff. Avoid overloading the kiln and ensure pieces are properly secured.

  6. Glaze Application: Follow proper procedures for glazing pottery pieces. Clean up spills and drips to prevent damage to kiln shelves and surrounding areas.

  7. Respect Others' Work: Avoid touching or interfering with other artists' projects without permission. Respect each other's creative space and artwork.

  8. Safety First: Wear appropriate safety gear, including goggles and aprons, when working with pottery materials. Follow safety guidelines for kiln operation and glaze handling.

  9. Cleanup Duty: Before leaving the studio, please allow 20 mins to clean up your workspace and dispose of any waste properly. Leave the studio in the same condition (or better) as you found it.

  10. Communication is Key: Communicate with studio staff regarding any concerns, questions, or issues you encounter during your session. Your feedback helps improve the studio experience for everyone.

  11. Respect Studio Hours: Adhere to studio hours and avoid working outside of designated times without prior approval.

  12. Personal Belongings: Keep personal belongings organized and out of the way to prevent accidents and ensure a clear workspace for all members.

  13. Emergency Procedures: Familiarize yourself with emergency procedures, including fire exits, first aid kits, and emergency contacts. Report any safety hazards or incidents to studio staff immediately.

Following these rules ensures a safe, productive, and enjoyable pottery studio experience for all members. Thank you for your cooperation!

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